Maximal Concepts Blue – Hong Kong

Maximal Concepts is an award-winning restaurant group behind some of Hong Kong and Vancouver’s most iconic and well known restaurants.

ALT-254 was hired to re-design and re-brand Blue Butcher to create a gastronomic experience that is unique not just to Maximal‘s 18 restaurant portfolio, but to Hong Kong’s extremely competitive restaurant scene. 

ALT-254 designed, project managed and custom designed, as well as manufactured all furniture/fixtures. This included specialist items such as the walk in Himalayan salt dry-ageing fridge. The construction timeframe was a mere 8 weeks. The restaurant opened on time to rave reviews.

ALT-254 Provided Services:

  • Concept Design 
  • Detailed design and construction documentation
  • Project management from concept to completion
  • Custom Furniture Design and Fabrication.
Maximal Concepts Blue – Hong Kong

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