Fondazione Prada exists as a project blurring the boundaries between fashion, art, and architecture. Prada have amassed an extensive collection of contemporary art but are yet to have a suitable place to store and display this collection. Fondazione Prada – Largo Isarco will be the means to do so.

The project will be sited in Milan, home to Prada, and will be a contemporary intervention to and existing building complex owned by the fashion company. The most major of the architectural additions will be the Ideal Museum, the Stage building, and the Tower. These will act as the main points to display art while being supported by the existing adjacent buildings.

Vincent, ALT-254’s Partner, was solely responsible for the ‘Stage’ building within the complex. The building will house a cinema for all film formats for the exhibition of Prada’s extensive film collection as well as for hosting contemporary film events. The building can also be converted into a stage at ground level allowing the space to be converted for fashion shows, and art displays also. The basement will contain a permanent art collection, and the roof (accessible to the public) will act as a secluded garden.