If you’re a sun lover and a sand enthusiast, a beachfront property may be right for you. In fact, ALT-254 encourages those who know what they want to get what they want. Whether you’re shopping for a modern luxury home on the beach or designing to build your own next to the ocean, we want you to be satisfied. Nonetheless, there are a handful of common mistakes the first time beachfront property buyers and builders run into, and we want to help you avoid those mishaps, so you can enjoy your new home in Niseko. What are the six recommendations? Read on to find out.

Beachfront property in Japan

It’s a unique experience owning luxury beachfront property in Japan. It’s an even more unique opportunity to build your own oceanfront home. You get the waves, the sand, and the entire lifestyle a step off your back porch and the culture, food, and people in Niseko are within minutes of your front drive.

One day you can be surfing the waves, and the next you can be riding the slopes. It’s a unique collection of outdoor activities. Why not include the feeling of home with a new beachfront property, whether purchased or built?


It’s remiss so many new homeowners, whether built or purchased, struggled with going over budget in the process. It may not a be a huge issue for you, but ALT-254 takes financials seriously in all designing, planning, and management of your project.
Consider setting a budget prior to starting your search for your new home or building one.

A frequently missed trait of beachfront properties is the near constant elements wearing on the exterior of the house. Wind, salt, and water are a destructive trifecta when it comes to house maintenance and integrity. Although this may already be on top of your mind, it’s still important to note that you will experience extra spending on keeping your house protected.

Do not rely on rental income

If you’re purchasing a beachfront property and relying on your main residence as a primary funding source, it’s a mistake. Obviously, there are exceptions to this, but in most cases, the profit made off a rental property to fund the cost of your beachfront tends to turn upside down when both properties need updates, maintenance, or repairs.

It’s a slightly different story when it comes to building your own luxury beachfront property. You will need to cover the cost of planning, designing, building, and then the potential mortgage of the property if you have one. Then, all that’s left is the maintenance, potential repairs, and overall integrity of the home, being so close to the ocean.

Meet the neighbors

It’s a whirl of emotions and feelings when it comes to purchasing or building your beachfront property. Rightfully so, you should be excited. It’s a wonderful experience to live on the beach next to the ocean. Add your relocation to Niseko, and everything can sometimes feel slightly overwhelming.

One factor people tend to forget is the neighbors. Who are they? How are they? Do they cause friction in your lifestyle? These questions and many more need to be answered, especially if your modern luxury beachfront property is in close quarters to other’s homes. You may encounter impermanent neighbors and they rent out to vacationers, which means different people every week. Noise levels may change, and the overall feel of the neighborhood may shift based on who’s staying.

Check natural hazards

An uncommon piece of knowledge, but an extremely important one, is to check how the environment will affect your luxury home. Especially while living on the beach.

The wind, the salt, and the water all play a role in how you live your life oceanside. Where and how the sun rises and falls can also influence the positioning and inclusion of windows. Which way does the wind blow today, tomorrow, next month, or next season? How will the salt and sand affect the integrity of the home? Is there frequent or infrequent flooding in the area?

These are all major factors in how your home survives over the years. Take them into account.

Get proper insurance

It’s a tragedy when a luxury home is swept by a natural disaster from its foundation along the coast of any location. It’s even more of a tragedy when the homeowner did not purchase the proper insurance to cover such events. It’s imperative to understand that beachfront properties do require a slightly different scope of insurance coverage due to the ocean and other natural elements the home will be exposed to over its lifetime.

Whether you purchase a home, or you design and build with Alt 254, purchase the proper insurance.

Use a specialized inspector

It can be easy to think all home inspectors are the same, especially when it comes to luxury home inspection. Nonetheless, consider the beachfront property and its unique location and lifespan. An experienced costal inspector will save you and your home in the long run since they know what to look for in oceanfront properties, where a traditional or mainly inland inspector may miss these lingering or potential issues.

Alongside inspection, if you can design and build your own home, the experts at ALT-254 can answer your questions on how to create a great home that can withstand the sand, salt, water, and wind.

ALT-254 Project Management and Design

It’s a wonderful experience purchasing or building in and around Niseko. If you’ve purchased property and are looking to design and build a custom modern luxury home, let Alt 254 manage and design your vision. So many specialty consultants exist to help you in corralling all the essential parts of a great custom luxury home. Why not use a firm with over a decade of experience in Niseko and Hong Kong take care of your entire project with you? No more consultants. No more managing meetings. Get your modern luxury home project taken care of in one place.