Not only does choosing the perfect luxury property in Niseko affect your lifestyle, but building the best modern luxury home to fit your wants, needs, and desires determine how you enjoy your life. When purchasing property to build your own home, it’s important to consider every single factor in your buying and building process. For some, an active community could be important. For others, a private, secluded environment may be better. Whatever your preference, consider the following factors when perusing waterfront properties in Niseko.

The Property

There are a number of factors that go into purchasing waterfront property for your modern luxury home to be built on, such as water, land, location, neighbors, and access. However, there are some extra factors to consider that most purchasing don’t know about or choose to ignore. It also helps to work with an experienced agent when considering luxury waterfront properties in Niseko.

Get your bulkhead inspected

It’s the divider or supporting wall between your land and the water. What does this wall do for your property and home to be? It mainly keeps the land from shifting into the water or the water from flooding the land. In most cases, the bulkhead is a foundational feature to ensure home integrity.

Most either don’t know to check the bulkhead or ignore it, assuming the material and the structure to last forever. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. You may want to get the divider inspected by a professional, if your home is going to be set close to the water on the property.

Get financing early

If you decided to finance your property or luxury home design, get approved early. In some rare cases, clients who finance may get stalled on their project or stopped completely simply because they didn’t file financing paperwork early enough and get approved.

Design and build a modern luxury home to withstand the elements

We tend to forget that any home near water, whether a pond, lake, or ocean, does need to withstand natural elements throughout the correlating seasons. Water invites evaporation, which can increase oxidation and rust, especially on the ocean. Other factors living on a lake or a pond are animals, seasonal winds, and potential flooding.

Do your due diligence when it comes to your future home’s integrity and design it to withstand the location and region’s weather and other natural hazards.

Get flood insurance

Whether the water hasn’t risen in 50 years, or it’s a brand man-made pond, get insured. It’s a tragedy when flooding does happen, but it’s a greater tragedy when a family and their modern luxury home is not covered.

The damages can be devastating, but the peace of mind knowing you’re covered is worth the investment.

Meet the neighbors

If you’re building a waterfront home, consider the neighborhood or community you will be joining. It’s common for new luxury property owners to disregard the others who live and exist in the same community since the properties may be completely secluded. It’s important to see how the community functions, because if you move into an area and expect to be social but you find the other properties are primarily rentals for seasonal vacationers, you may be disappointed.

Get to know who lives around you to determine if the community beyond your property is one you want to be a part of.

Get information on utilities

Since you’ll be building your new luxury waterfront home, you will want to inquire about how utilities work and if you need to include electric, sewage, water, or the like.

Make sure and inquire about this prior to breaking ground, since the distance from the main power or sewage can increase or decrease the cost exponentially.

Waterfront responsibilities

You’ve heard of HOA (homeowner’s association). In most cases, it’s a necessary evil to ensure the community and neighborhood continue to stay at a defined standard in appearance and function.

Nonetheless, ask about the community’s HOA, if it exists, and what is expected of the new homeowner. This will get you up to speed on waterfront property responsibilities otherwise dismissed by those living off the water.

Get your permit

You may want a dock or an outbuilding on or near the water. This most likely involves regulations, policies, and permits. These things cost money.

Whether you get a standard dock or outbuilding, or you design one to accent your modern luxury home, it will be an extra expense, if it’s not included in your plans and design of your waterfront home.

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