Want A Modern Luxury Home In Niseko? Consider These 7 Trends When Purchasing!

Want A Modern Luxury Home In Niseko? Consider These 7 Trends When Purchasing!

Posted on Friday 9th March 2018

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It’s an exciting feeling when you decide to design, build, and live in a modern luxury home. The feeling compounds when you decide to relocate or vacation to a beautiful location like Niseko, Japan.

Among the myriad factors in custom home design and relocation to a new country, ALT 254 wants to encourage you to take a look at some trending modern home trends over the last year. If you’re curious as to what and how your new home should look or simply want some ideas to start with, give the following seven factors a review when purchasing your next luxury property in Niseko.

A Custom Kitchen

It’s a must in any luxury home to have a modern kitchen. Even more importantly, the sink and appliances are paramount. At ALT 254, we want to not only make the process of designing your custom home a simple process, we want to make sure one of the most important spaces in your home is perfect for you.

To keep the design consistent and the function operative, ALT 254 recommends choosing a sink that fits your needs and continues the kitchen style through the space. Consider the shape, depth, and type of material used for the sink. A frequent choice is an undermount single bowl sink.

As for appliances, keep simple and functional at the forefront of your decisions. If it doesn’t call attention to itself, but still functions, it’s probably the right appliance for your modern design.

Always remember to keep your design style consistent from the flooring to the countertops to the sink and appliances.

Large Walk-In Closets

The days are gone when slide-open, shallow closets were an afterthought. In a modern luxury home, ALT 254 believes simplicity and functionality are the priority to fit your wants and needs. One of these needs is a walk-in closet to keep your clothes organized and fresh for when you need them most.

A few of these factors for walk-in closets are a must: space, shelving, and utility. A deep or wide enough walk-in allows for more shelving, which gives it a unique utility to your wardrobe needs.

Remember to start with functionality and then keep it simple.

Indoor Recreation Space

Many luxury homeowners request an indoor recreation space post design and build, which can offer myriad questions and issues. The initial discussion when it comes to something like an indoor pool, tennis court, or even a sports court focuses on the overall modern design themes: simple and functional. How can Alt 254 deliver and satisfy your needs? They keep communication consistent and open so that you know exactly how your project is progressing alongside with ongoing design decisions.

Mixed Metals

The best luxury modern homes are showing more mixed metals when it comes to style and appearance. What does this mean? Choosing two to four types of metals and including them in the overall architecture and design of your new home. What does this do? It adds to the character and aesthetic appeal of your home, inside and out.

Saturated tones matched with earthy colors

Beautiful luxury modern homes start with their curb appeal. How a home looks as you drive past or walk up to it is a huge investment you want to make right the first time.

A continuing trend in modern luxury homes is including earthy colors paired with saturated tones. This means mixing and matching various metals with complimentary or contrasting colors can make your home’s curb appeal and interior aesthetics really stand apart from the other homes in the neighborhood or on the market.

Security Measures

A smart decision is to ensure the security of your home. You’ve invested in your modern luxury home. Now you need to protect its integrity and the people inside of it.

Many luxury homeowners spend the extra time and invest in a security system to protect their home and the ones they love.

Smart Home Technology

Being able to access your home from anywhere is a frequent addition to new luxury homes around the globe. Why is this an upward trend in home ownership? The benefits it offers to those who potentially forget to set their thermostat before leaving for the day or weekend; the garage door gets left open; or in some cases, the security system doesn’t get set properly.

Living in Niseko can be an exciting experience. Building your own modern luxury home only compounds the feeling. Enjoying the four ski resorts, hot springs, golf courses, and many other experiences as a resident of Niseko only makes life richer.

Looking to design and build a modern luxury home in Niseko? Give ALT 254 a call and let us get started on your project today! We combine project management and architecture and design into one process so you don’t feel lost or confused during your luxury home build.

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