Natural Elements Applied To Design

Natural Elements Applied To Design

Posted on Wednesday 7th February 2018

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Crafting The Aesthetic Of A Luxury Home

The first thing in real estate is location, and you’ve of course heard that old adage about locations. It’s an annoying saying, but the location of your home, whether it’s a vacation home, luxury home, or a regular residence, matters. It matters because when you visit an area, you assess the businesses, the people, the trees, the mountains, and the rivers. You think of the smells and the feelings that you associate with the place. Thus, when you’re getting ready to build a home, even if these are only subconscious thoughts, the senses are incredibly powerful influences. For example, people build a house in Hong Kong not only to be close to their work, but because they love the energy of the city, the ever-changing smells from a grill across the street, to the cologne of the stranger passing you on the street, to that fresh citrus of a nice boutique.

Feeling The Environment Before The Design Elements

These factors of a place are the aspectsof real estate that aren’t based on logic, that you can’t find in a book about design ideals next to literary structures through the ages, it’s purely emotional. When ALT-254 begins a design project, this is the first thing we take into consideration. How do you bring out the natural beauty or the aesthetic, of the place that our client has chosen to build in? Not for unity or cohesion of ideas, but because it’s what will make the difference between a project that the client inexplicably loves from a project that a client merely likes.

Building Contemporary Architecture With Emotion

ALT-254 specializes in beautifully crafted contemporary architecture. We build homes with a huge natural influence. Contemporary architecture, while based off of mid-century modern architecture, is more focused on greener elements. The style  incorporates high contrast, as seen in nature, it capitalizes on green principles of using renewable resources. It’s based off the notion of brutalism architecture because within the architecture it incorporates its surroundings. Brutalism is defined as those hard, straight-lined buildings that are made from usually gray cement and to the untrained eye might appear ugly. They’re placed in cityscapes to emphasize that feeling of the concrete jungle, it’s a metaphor for the entire capitalist culture within the area. London has recently started preserving these buildings and placing them on their historical register because of their unique and interesting take on their environment.

Natural Design Elements In Action

In more traditional settings, you can see this ideal displayed in things like cabins and even beach houses. Like a castle in Ireland, the gray flagstone floor is meant to reflect the hard, craggy rocks in the cliffs. The gray, rough-hewn rocks of the bricks on the exterior are meant to complement the stark contrast between the vast greenery of the land and the slippery dark stone you’ll find near the beaches. Within the beach house, you’ll find natural carpets of jute laid out over the tops of the lighter, distressed wood that acts as a nod to the materials strewn out over the beach the building is next to. Inside the cabin, you’ll find rounded pine logs, stained with a honey color, maid to contrast against the white blanket of snow just outside the door. This concept of reflecting nature within the home is not a new one, but it has been revolutionized by first mid-century modern architecture, and then expanded upon by contemporary architecture.

Reflecting Natural Art In Luxury Homes

When compared to luxury homes, this principle can be applied with a heavier, and yet still precise hand. With free reign, you can look to encompass the stark contrast within contemporary architecture while still pulling in those elements from the natural area you’ve chosen to build in. For example, if you determine to build your exclusive property in the mountains of Niseko, your architect can look to the natural beauty of the land around it. You can employee dark woods like wenge, a completely naturally black wood, as your flooring inside your living room in tandem with the floor to ceiling windows to enhance that comparison between the white snow and the black wood. If you’d like, we can discuss placing small angles within your design to incorporate the peaks of the mountains that you can see from the master bedroom window. Together, we can observe the path of the river, and place the same gentle curves in the design of the travertine flooring in your bathroom. We can bring the branching, netting design from the branches on your estate into the stairwell leading from your guest room to the kitchen.

ALT-254 doesn’t just build modern luxury homes, we create a piece of art that you can be proud of. We recreate the aesthetic you fell in love with when you first visited your future property. We craft a home, a destination, and a lifestyle for you. Invest in ALT-254 and invest in your vision.

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