Luxury Property In Niseko: 5 Must Have Qualities Of A Luxury Villa!

Luxury Property In Niseko: 5 Must Have Qualities Of A Luxury Villa!

Posted on Friday 9th February 2018

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Alt 254 has been serving its clients in Niseko and Hong Kong for more than a decade. Whether you want a modern luxury home or a luxury villa on your luxury property, Alt 254 can deliver.

What Is A Luxury Villa?

Villas have always been a go-to for luxury property owners. They offer a stylish building layout influenced by the Romans, which is typically arranged around a private courtyard for personal enjoyment or public entertainment. Further past the courtyard, the property traditionally includes land that adds an extra privacy buffer between the outside world and the focal point: the villa itself.

As a general style among the modern luxury homes around the globe, the villa is an extremely simple yet highly functional layout that can accommodate almost any design needs or desires as a custom home.

Alt 254 offers a complete package when it comes to planning, designing, and building your luxury villa on your private property. No longer do you have to manage multiple people for one project. Alt 254 does it all for you.

What Are The Five Must-Have Qualities Of A Luxury Villa?

With 10 years of luxury villa experience in Niseko and Hong Kong alone, Alt 254 knows which qualities bring out the best in every single custom home.


You may have heard this from at least a hundred other agents and real estate professionals. Other architecture and design firms you’re working with may say the same thing. At Alt 254, we don’t just talk about it, we include it. The location of your luxury villa is just as important as the design and architecture of the villa itself. If Alt 254 can include some of nature’s influence or work off the location of your luxury property to create some contrast, we will make it happen.

Depending on the style, design, and experience you want while in and around your luxury property, Alt 254 considers everything from the front drive, the home placement, and the surrounding environment to be a factor.


Typically, a modern luxury villa takes on characteristics from between the 1920s and 1950s. Nonetheless, Alt 254 works with every single client individually to bring their custom villa to life. The ranch-style, open floor plan is a signature villa characteristic. It offers a luxurious feel while remaining simple yet extravagant.

Every design and style influence works to add to the overall feeling and experience of the home so that you, the client, can enjoy the luxury property in its entirety for years to come.

Whether you’re building to live or as an investment property, Alt 254 calls on its decade-plus experience to deliver on its client’s needs and wants for every single project.

Staff and Services

Villas are known for hosting events. They are also known for lavish lifestyles, which include a staff to take care of the monotony that is cleaning, cooking, and likewise. The professionalism and extravagance of any villa’s staff is worth more than the time saved by employing their services.

The design and layout of your luxury villa can take into account the flow of your staff so they can effectively and efficiently take care of their responsibilities around the residence.


Most balk at what the villa offers outside of its majestic entrance, brilliant courtyard, and various other beautiful features around the property. Nonetheless, consider the following items as you’re designing your own luxury villa.

Indoor pool: It’s commonly overlooked, but an indoor pool offers more than just a place to swim. It can be the accent to a great social event, or the main focus during your morning exercise routine or family events.

Chef: Nothing says Luxurious villa more than having a personal chef prepare your meals for you or your guests. If you want to live the villa lifestyle, employ a chef to take care of all the food preparation needs.

Cinema: Like film? Include an in-house cinema or an outdoor feature film experience. Whether you’re a film enthusiast or enjoy watching movies with friends and family, get a room dedicated to the experience.

Among other features of your future villa, let your imagination run wild or be specific to your lifestyle needs.


It may be something you do not see because you employ others to take care of the villa’s grounds and building, but it’s integral to keep tabs on the efforts and integrity of the services. The continuous association between your villa and quality is an ever-present factor on your luxury property.

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