The Definition Of Modern Luxury Homes: Part 2

Posted on Sunday 23rd September 2018

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In our mission to uncover the updated definition of a modern luxury home, we’ve found some interesting ideas. In our previous blog, we discussed some of the expectations of the younger generation of luxury home buyers. It appears that modern luxury homes are a conscious decision, more than just a status symbol anymore. You’re purchasing an experience as much as you’re investing in a property.

Contemporary Architecture Is Redefining Modern Luxury

One of the most important principles in contemporary architecture is the overarching theme of a conscious and green lifestyle. A home that can offer a high standard of living while not impacting the environment negatively is the most attractive to most home buyers, especially those interested in modern luxury homes. The popularity of finding sustainable products has put an emphasis on a contemporary architectural style that is intent on incorporating nature as well as natural products into designs and day-to-day interactions. With ALT-254, we take pride in the client having a say in the kinds of materials used as well as searching out environmentally conscious materials to incorporate into your design together.

Contemporary Architecture Is The Next Mid Century Modern

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of people moving into urban downtown areas. People want to be closer to the hype and the core of a city they live in. As wealth begins to change hands, from the older generations to the newer generations, there has been a rise in urban, mid-century modern designs seeing a minor redesign with environmentally conscious materials, which effectively marks these spaces as a mixture of contemporary and mid-century design. This has started to occur in suburban areas as well, as the Millennial generation has romanticised urban living and want to take it with them into their new lifestyle.

Modern Luxury Housing Is Geared For Entertaining

Another expectation many new buyers have voiced is the idea that they should be able to entertain and have guests stay over. Wide, spaces that are capable of holding many people while also incorporating the luxury and beauty of the home are landmarks of this trend. Many people shopping for luxury modern homes admire guest houses and separate bedrooms to foster an individualistic feeling of privacy while promoting togetherness at the same time.

If you’re interested in investing in a timeless structure for a home, contact Alt-254. We’re excited to build a home with you that satisfies all of these definitions and much more. Luxury properties don’t have to be impersonal. Search our portfolio full of beautiful Niseko houses for inspiration.

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