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Posted on Monday 24th September 2018

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If you’re familiar with our work, you know that we’re renowned for our beautiful, modern, luxury homes. And while our previous blogs discuss the finer points of the stylistic components that go into building a contemporary architectural design for your modern home in Niseko, we’ve yet to define what a modern luxury home is. In an effort to amend this, we’ll begin to dissect what defines a modern luxury home.

Luxury Homes Are More Than A Location

While prominent and traditionally sought ZIP codes are still prime places for luxury home builds, this is no longer a defining characteristic of the higher echelons of housing expectations. Luxury homes are popping up in unorthodox places like key vacation areas such as Niseko, because of the amenities they offer. The saying “location, location, location,” is slowly becoming to mean what the location itself has to offer, rather than what is surrounded by. Building modern luxury homes in a place like Niseko has become the desirable option over more traditional places like nearby cityscapes because of the combined benefit of more privacy and more things to do in the area. As a major vacation area, Niseko is the kind of place that never gets boring and that is an attractive prospect to people looking to construct their modern, contemporary architecture styled home.

Luxury Homes Feature Experiences

Much like the new expectation of locations, modern homes are leaning toward contemporary architecture because of one main theme: it’s an experience. Within the beautiful, yet simplistic style common in many Asian homes, you can fit things like a meditation garden or a giant library and it hardly breaks from the unity involved in the design itself. Luxury modern homes are a luxury because they’re focused on the experiences you can have while at home. Like enjoying the privacy and grandeur of an at-home theater or the relaxing zen quality of an outside shower. With the customization and control that ALT-254 offers to its clients, the sky is the limit.

ALT-254 Sets You Apart With Contemporary Architecture

If you’re interested in experiencing a luxury home, contact ALT-254, we specialize in the clean-cut and elegant lines of the contemporary architecture and mid-century modern styles. Find our portfolio of work available on our site featuring distinguished hotels and beautifully designed homes in the Niseko area. Catch our next blog for more on the differentiating factors of luxury home styles.

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