Decorating In Contemporary Style: Part 2

Decorating In Contemporary Style: Part 2

Posted on Tuesday 16th January 2018

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Modern Design Applied To Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary design is the best way to emphasize contemporary architecture. Including mid-century modern furniture makes the task of crafting a beautiful space much more achievable. Accessing more unique pieces through mid-century modern style will be the best way to tap into the history of contemporary, while faithfully bringing the style forward into the modern. In our previous article, we discussed the proper application of color and flooring elements to enhance your space with a well-coordinated natural emphasis. Going forward, we’ll discuss furniture options, placement and lighting effects to ensure warmth and functionality in your new space.

Benefits Of Blank Space

As previously mentioned, clean, simple lines rule the entire contemporary style. A key point of decorating in this style is to learn how to take advantage of those clean lines and put careful accentuation on this element without making something seem too boxed up. These straight lines can be used in many different aspects of the style, you can observe it in the high ceilings, bare windows, and the straight and powerful geometric patterns used in the wall art, sculpture and shapes of the room. The notion you’ll be building each room off of is: less is more. To evaluate the blank spaces between furniture and use it to enhance each piece’s character. The truly unique thing about a well-built contemporary home is the fascinating structural elements incorporated into each room. These elements are added to the structure of your interior specifically for you to take advantage of them. Allow that concrete slab to stand out by placing a distinctive canvas on it, let the rough brick add personality, by leaving that space uncovered by furniture.


Indirect lighting is a major component of any contemporary design. While it’s not necessary, it enhances your elements very effectively. Since the style relies heavily on natural elements, it’s recommended to find metallic light fixtures that offer indirect lighting to imitate the similar colors to bright morning sunlight. You can see this displayed by subtly backlighting a valued painting. Within contemporary architecture, there are going to be walls you’ll want to emphasize and this is the way you’ll want to go about it. The contemporary design places an importance on art because of the idea of the individuality of a piece, a wall or a sculpture. For this reason, it’s common to find pedestals that come in high contrast colors made to place your sculpture at eye level so that it can easily dominate the whole room.


Choosing the perfect pieces in a minimalist home, with a contemporary design is going to be difficult. Since the design puts such emphasis on the individuality of each chair, painting, or table, it can render you with over-analysis paralysis. This can be especially difficult when looking for furniture that needs to match the specific elements that distinguish your luxury home. To start your search, research furniture manufacturers that successfully execute the contemporary, or even mid-century modern style while managing comfort. This kind of furniture is notorious for being strikingly beautiful, but terribly uncomfortable. Then, start to look for their pieces that don’t feature prominent curves and decorations, as it will clash with the rest of your decor. Find pieces with carefully adapted smooth, geometric shapes and hard lines that will match the contemporary architecture of your home. As far as color options, stick to neutrals, but feel free to incorporate the use of your chosen accent color. Within contemporary design, you’re going to see exposed legs on all of your furniture pieces. Due to their grandeur and ability to draw the eye unnecessarily, it’s best to avoid tassels and fringe. This can be difficult to measure as most mid-century modern furniture sits firmly in the contemporary design parameters, except when they include their misplaced adornments. Those are what made the mid-century modern design seem kitschy at times because it didn’t match the clean, well-structured lines of the rest of the furniture. Included in this unnecessary grandeur are the large floral patterns and carved details. Think simple, angled, and bold when choosing all of your pieces.

Natural Emphasis

Due to contemporary design’s greener, natural influences, it’s best to stick with natural-looking materials. Hardwood flooring, rough brick walls, and neutral colors are all your friend. To avoid your space feeling cold, or unwelcoming, try textured fabrics for your sofa, throws, pillows, and curtains, while carefully avoiding anything frilly. When bringing warmth to contemporary design, it’s crucial that you avoid colorful prints. Try two-tone prints instead with variants of the same accent color. When including plants, make sure they’re large and swirling, they’ll easily add warmth and life to the precise lines of your contemporary architecture and design. Vine plants work well due to their large stretch and curling natural patterns that don’t really clash with anything.

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