Decorating In Contemporary Style: In Depth

Decorating In Contemporary Style: In Depth

Posted on Thursday 18th January 2018

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Enhancing Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary architecture and design are enthralling and captivating. It’s especially welcome in commercial spaces where, cleaner, harder lines are conducive to portraying a cool, laid-back style that benefits some retailers. When employing these style elements in residential applications, it can seem cold and distant at times. Unlike the mid-century modern counterpart that was notorious for mixing glamour and straight, clean lines, contemporary design is mostly characterized by its high-contrast, spacious designs. It can be a challenge to tastefully incorporate warmth and other style elements into a contemporary architecturally designed house. However, with an in-depth analysis, and balanced understanding of the style you’re trying to achieve, anything is possible.

Combination Designs

Contemporary style elements are directly drawn from mid-century modern, rendering it a mixture of the past and present ideas of modernism. Thus, in principle, it should be easy to incorporate different style elements from furniture pieces you’re already partial to. In regard to the combination of these elements, it’s best to think of the idea, “Everything in moderation.” If you follow most of the design rules within the contemporary style, you can vary the application slightly. For example, if you’re particularly attached to an ornate chaise lounge that you’d like to incorporate into your contemporary architecture, adapt the accent color to fit it. Since you’re keeping the high-contrast dark natural flooring, you can place your ornate lounge around the low-level, clear-glass coffee table and straight-edged, white-leather couch. If the chaise lounge is a deep red, then match the rest of the room’s accent color to this same deep red, or slight variations of it to keep the tone similar and avoid clashing.

Structural Oddities

A major portion of the contemporary design is highlighting the structure’s oddities. For example, your luxury home may be built with rich, hardwood used for certain accent walls. In order to still enhance these aspects without detracting with lavish, different styled furniture, it’s all about placement and color. You maintain the open nature of a room by bringing specific attention to the pieces that are in the room. Less is more, so establish a light sense of unity among the pieces you’re going to include in the room. Think spatially when placing the items in the room— be sure nothing is too close to each other, and make sure nothing is placed in front of the interesting architectural aspect that clashes with the color or texture. Tap into the same high-contrast aspect of contemporary that will provide a streamlined look of consistency, without eliminating the individuality of each room and piece.

Blended Eras

Some lines of thought in regard to contemporary design state that you should blend eras freely. Contemporary design, however, while being based on green ideas, is not about salvaging with reckless abandon, it’s about coordination. In this way, it’s meant to reflect the fluidity and hard lines of nature. This key concept can, however, be bent a little to allow for another time period’s style to be incorporated as stated above. A key element is the isolation and emphasis put on each individual piece in a room. If this is applied sparingly, you can blend eras with ease. This can be achieved most easily through mid-century modern furniture. Since contemporary is technically a derivative style from mid-century modern, you can find quite a few pieces that include the desired elements without throwing off the overall feel of a room. If you apply mid-century modern angular, plain furniture with some interesting older pieces with the occasional ornate decoration and space it appropriately, you should be able to get away with it.  


Think of color within a contemporary environment like you would an accent wall. It’s a garnish on top of the dish, not the entire dish. It can enhance the neutrals that have been incorporated into your space, but should be used sparingly. If the majority of the room is a compilation of shimmering shades of gray, in the patterns, the flooring, even your bedspread, then use accent pillows with an olive green, or art with warm undertones. When thinking of high contrast, keep it simple:black and whites are obvious, but a beige-gray can be stunning when paired with a deep blue. Look at your prominent neutral, search it to see if it has cold or warm undertones, and then choose the corresponding opposite.

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