Decorating In Contemporary Style

Decorating In Contemporary Style

Posted on Sunday 14th January 2018

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As we’ve stated in our previous blogs, contemporary design is a beautiful way to enhance architecture and design. With its characteristic clean cut lines and hard angles, it’s easily distinguishable as the style of the future. If you’re looking to purchase a house, the first thing your mind jumps to as you waltz through empty hallways, or click through virtual designs is how you’re going to fill the space. You picture the wall hangings you’ll use, and where you’ll place the furniture. If your intent is to take advantage of your open floor plans, and beautifully crafted spaces, you might consider keeping with the theme and decorating with an emphasis on mid-century modern or contemporary style.

Adapting Modern Architecture

The balance of the architectural style should be directly reflected in the coordinated style of the decorations. With this balance, you’ll find your space, while minimalistic, still feels warm and homey without being cluttered. Within contemporary style decorating, you’ll see the same subtle sophistication and those precise angles and lines you’ll witness in the contemporary architecture of your new luxury home. The design is known mainly for its emphasis on open space, rather than things.


In regard to colors, you’ll find lots of neutrals, whites and blacks in contemporary interiors, as there’s an emphasis on high contrast. After acquiring pieces that give you an elegant baseline, you can start to search out a bold accent color that you can use throughout your rooms to create a sense of unity among your interior style. For example, if your use of color is in the accent pieces, be sure to be meticulous in ensuring that the rest of your decor remains neutral. If your wall is painted with your accent color, then the rest of the furniture and room needs to be dominated by neutral-colored items. Black is always a safe balancer to use. Since contemporary architecture is defined by its open spaces, you won’t have to worry about the color making a room look small or cramped.  


Although this portion of the design is generally decided upon when you’re constructing your home, it plays an important part in the design of a room. Since contemporary is defined by high contrast, the flooring is the aspect of the design of your room that you can really get creative. Contemporary design allows you to use unusual flooring choices, like old wine barrel wood flooring, or stark black slate with white grout. Since your flooring occupies such a large space in the room, it will be easier when picturing the room to then ponder style elements. If you’re using dark flooring, your options for lighter furniture and medium toned neutrals expand. If you’re hoping to incorporate a rug, purchase one that is dominated by a geometric shape that compliments the rest of your decor. It will be much easier to adapt a rug to your style, than adapting an entire style to a single rug.


You can observe these design elements at work in our design of the Dalgaard House.The walls of the bathroom area beautifully red-hued wood in stark contrast with the color of the grey, stone flooring. This is displayed once more in the living quarters where the marble flooring is allowed to contrast with the rich wood ceiling and rough travertine, brick wall. Neutrals enhance the natural feeling of the space and the warm browns bring warmth to the room where it would otherwise not exist.

If you live a highly modern, contemporary lifestyle allow your next home to reflect it. With the careful application of beautiful, crisp lines and angular geometric shapes, ALT-254 builds custom luxury homes that define contemporary architecture’s strong points. Browse our portfolio of residential work to see examples of our fine craftsmanship. With homes built in Hong Kong and Niseko, our distinctive work speaks for itself. Build where simplicity is paramount, build with ALT-254.

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