Contemporary Architecture Highlights

Contemporary Architecture Highlights

Posted on Friday 2nd February 2018

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Foster a lifestyle that’s closer to nature, that’s modern, and realistic, while still achieving beauty and simplicity. Design a “modus vivendi”, a lifestyle, with ALT-254 that’s custom to you. Build contemporary beauty in Niseko.

In Vogue Design Elements To Incorporate With Contemporary Architecture

Make no mistake, contemporary architecture is the up-to-date style, the modern style, of the 21st century.  In fact, if you’re worried about the way this kind of design will age, fret not, as you can look back to the smooth lines of the mid-century modern and see that it’s still attractive and well designed. Quality is quality, and if you find the right builder, your home will last through the ages as a distinct symbol of architectural integrity. Because of the timeless quality of contemporary architecture and design, you’re free to make alterations to the insides of your house to keep it fresh and up to date in whatever way you’d like. Below, are some simple, and interesting ways to improve your space in 2018, after it’s built of course.

Freshen Up Your Modern Architecture Design With These Suggestions

Brass Finishes

Satin brass has been on the rise in recent years. Its main attraction is its ability to incorporate golden tones to a space that otherwise wouldn’t be able to host a color like that, such as an area with a carefully constructed color palette in a contemporary design. As a more versatile application of the same color scheme, a satin bronze brings a gentler touch in comparison to the shiny, gleaming fixtures from before. This look appears more natural, muted and warm and can thus improve your space with ease. Since it pairs well with any high contrast, this metallic tone will make a beautiful addition to your home.

AI Assistants

With leaps and bounds being made in the AI technologies, it’s no wonder that we now have them in our homes. Though they’re nothing like Tony Stark’s Jarvis yet, they’re still incredibly well equipped and can even have some conversation with you, much like Apple’s Siri. Since contemporary architecture is the coalition of natural and modern ideas, it makes sense that you’d include a convenience centered AI in your home. Most of the commercially sold versions of this home assistant act as voice-activated interface and are called smart home devices. These work through what the industry calls “activation phrases”, they’re the “ok google” or the “Alexa” you hear when someone starts speaking to theirs. You can place these around your house, where they’ll wait, dormant, for a command. You can request the state of the weather or to play a song from Spotify and much more. As of last year, Amazon opened up the Echo device’s platform to other apps, so that you can order a pizza, an Uber, or listen to NPR. With their subtle design, they easily integrate without upsetting your decor. It’s a very accessible way to open up your home.

Furniture Conversion

As we discussed in a previous blog, contemporary architecture and it’s matching design does not have to be terribly lockstep. Because of mid-century modern design, people tend to believe that modernist principles can only be accomplished by making everything strictly uniform. This would take out the interest in crafting a well-designed room. “Everything in Moderation,” is a good rule to follow in this respect. So if you’re attempting to update your bathroom with a new vanity, don’t get locked into the idea that your sink has to look like everything else in your house. As long as it’s the main accent piece, feel free to look into vanity conversions. People are looking to old chests of drawers, file cabinets and vintage consoles to bring a unique quality to their bathroom space.

Storage Walls

When you’re building, or remodeling your new home, mention to the architect company that you’re interested in storage walls if you’d like. They’re an amazing option for creative, non-clunky, storage. The notion is that you bring all of your storage into a single wall to open up space for more options. It incorporates the modern architecture design of less is more, without making a room entirely void of interest, as that portion is left up to you. Without large cabinets, and protruding storage units, you and your architect can focus more on honing the elements you already have present without worrying about the function of the space as a kitchen. Modern design is all about functionality and highlighting accent pieces that make a room and the decor unique, don’t allow the function get in the way, allow it to enhance the aesthetic you’re working to create.

Color Palette Design

Although most of these ideas can only be applied to one room at a time, it’s still a great way to refresh and individualize a room. Our favorite has to be the white with off-white, it’s low contrast, but it’s entirely refreshing. It can easily bring to mind the freshness of the sea or stillness of the mountains and therefore applies to the contemporary design ideal of incorporating the beauty of the surroundings of the house within the architecture and decor of a room. When designing an all-white room, start with a few pieces that are strictly stark white, and then incorporate accents of cream and even as dark as beige to still have some contrast to make it interesting, yet still refreshing

Olive and Chartreuse are the next champions of the low contrast color schemed areas. While the low contrast is not strictly in line with contemporary ideals, it’s still appropriate with balance in some rooms. The premise of the olive and green inclusions as a color is built off the idea of incorporating more plant life and naturalist elements. Try pairing green with a lighter hardwood flooring or fixtures and then add a vine plant to capitalize on the natural beauty of the room and decor. It’s a vitalized, nature inspiring hue that can brighten up a room easily which is great for balancing the colder feeling of strictly contemporary design.

If you’ve fallen in love with contemporary architecture or mid-century modern design, don’t think twice, contact ALT-254. With an extensive portfolio of luxury homes in Niseko, and beyond, our work is sure to stand out among the rest.

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