Contemporary Architecture

Determining the design of your Hong Kong home can be incredibly stressful. Let’s make this easy, instead of considering style after style for your new luxury home, think of the place you’re building this home in. Hong Kong is known for its vibrant beauty and modern style on a world scale, tap into this with coordinated contemporary architecture. This isn’t limiting yourself: contemporary is a broad term that refers to the various styles used in today’s modern buildings with a wide variety of influences that you can choose to enhance or limit.

Define Contemporary

If you want to lean in a modern direction, you’re thinking of the early and mid-century styles that are angular, but still well ornamented. Many people associate the word contemporary with modernism, which is correct in some respects. In modernism, you’ll be looking for clean lines and high functionality. This is encompassed in the “contemporary” design term along with the postmodernism and deconstructivism that came into style after the mid-century wave to make residential spaces seem warmer and friendlier while keeping the chic appeal of right angles and simple beauty. You’ll find a fitting inspiration to connect the indoors with outdoor spaces held in contemporary styles, with an importance on large spaces. Recently, this has appeared in the form of architects becoming more earth-conscious in the form of energy-efficient designs that use sustainable material. This new take on contemporary design has paired well, so well that when people think of greener designs, they picture examples of contemporary architecture.

Key Features

The main principles that apply to this form of design appear in the form of natural, sustainable components. Most contemporary architects relate to the human need to connect with natural elements. They incorporate this in their buildings in the form of beautiful, curated materials like bamboo flooring, granite countertops and indoor plant life elements. Another foothold of the contemporary style is the recycled and nontoxic materials that often are acquired through ethical means. You’ll see this applied mostly in countertops, flooring and roofing made of these mixed materials. At times, they’ll use low-emission carpeting and paints to avoid VOC (volatile organic compounds) filling the air of your home. Another key aspect are the ample windows to promote the presence of calming natural light, this can sometimes be seen in the form of a tasteful skylight.

Real World

All of our designs stay firmly in this style with only some variation. So if you’re looking for examples of contemporary homes and retail spaces, you can find our chic examples on both our residential and retail tabs on our website. Specific highlights include our beautiful Qi Hotel and the Guenthardt House. They’re perfect examples of contemporary design, with huge windows and practical application of modernism in the straight, clean angles of the buildings. Yet, they still manage to incorporate the beauty of their surroundings and distinguish themselves as truly stunning buildings.

Practical Design

Contemporary houses do not fall short in any regard. They’re perfect for the individual who appreciates minimalism while also wanting creature comforts. That being said, they come outfitted with higher-end kitchens that need to be throttled as far as energy consumption. Things that separate luxury homes from a regular home, like extra dishwashers for the convenience, an outdoor refrigerator, and oversized stoves often separate them by consuming far more energy. The other thing to be cautious of, as far as your energy bill is concerned, are those amazing windows. Be sure to speak with your ALT-254 architect and discuss the application of UV protected windows that will effectively keep your temperature regulated in your home without ringing up higher costs. There are also other applications, like see-through window screens and covers that can assist with this issue as well.

Modus Vivendi

The term “modus vivendi” means lifestyle, and when we think of the lifestyle that pairs well with our crafted homes and buildings, we think of people who enjoy entertaining. We think of people who love the outdoors, are vivacious, who love living. We think of people who picture their future and pursue it, and we want to pursue it with you. Invest in the things you want like alfresco kitchens, warming drawers and elegant free standing fireplaces. Find your sense of harmony and relaxation in your perfect home, build with ALT-254.