The project, temporary in nature, existed as a mixed use pavilion based it the heart of Seoul in South Korea. Complicated and dynamic the pavilion would rotate and flip into various positions each evolution would expose the Transformer’s uniquely designed framework. This frame, a tetrahedron, consists of four specifically designed sides, each side answering the needs of its programme perfectly.

OMA_Transformer 16
OMA_Transformer 15
OMA_Transformer 14
OMA_Transformer 13
OMA_Transformer 12
OMA_Transformer 11
OMA_Transformer 10
OMA_Transformer 9
OMA_Transformer 7
OMA_Transformer 6
OMA_Transformer 5
OMA_Transformer 4
OMA_Transformer 3
OMA_Transformer 2
OMA_Transformer 1

The pavilion would house ‘Waist Down’, a display of Prada Skirts since the companies formation, the ‘Cinema’, the ‘Art Display’, and finally ‘The Student Takeover’, where local design students would curate an exhibition of their work.

Ever changing, the geometrically designed sides acted as beacons for the evolution of the program to follow, as symbols mapping the past and future activities which the pavilion would accommodate.

Vincent, ALT-254’s Partner, was involved in all aspects of the project including all design and construction stages. The project was internationally published and regarded as one of the top architectural projects in Asia in the last decade.